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Don't Slam the Door!

I find myself both challenged and reflective on a few things the past couple of days. I’m noticing that more and more conversation in my personal life and conversations around me, are discussions of how the world seems to be going to hell in a hand basket. (Maybe it’s just an age thing) The first thing I’m challenged by is why am I shocked at any of this? As a follower of Jesus Christ, the world and its condition should not surprise me. It has literally been written down for a few thousand years. Heck, there are still times I’m part of the problem. The area this has caused me to reflect on is my response to what seems to be an increasing level of negativity and evil in the world. Am I looking at it as an opportunity to be a light, or do I condemn and criticize the fruits of a lost and broken world? If I’m being honest, i think my initial responses are more condemning than opportunistic. I catch myself wondering how often has my open dissent or disagreements on a given subject slammed the door on an opportunity to minister or build relationship? How many opportunities have I missed because I wasn’t slow to speak? Why would I expect an unbelieving world to behave as one that is saved? I digress. I guess it would be my hope that I can continue to grow and mature in my faith so that I may respond to the world in a way that fosters relationship building and opportunity to share the good news without slamming those doors. I share this in hopes that if the Lord is challenging me with this reflection, that maybe you’ve been here before as well and to let you know that you’re not alone. I also share as a way to hold myself accountable to the commission that I’ve accepted from my Savior. Wherever you are today, I hope you find this life giving. #seekhimfirst

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