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Life, Love, GOD & Everything In Between

Thoughts of a Christian...Husband...Father...Friend

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Don't Slam the Door!

I find myself both challenged and reflective on a few things the past couple of days. I’m noticing that more and more conversation in my...


I was listening to an interview yesterday regarding one of todays cultural hot buttons and I kept hearing this word “Happy”. Doesn’t a...

Like Peas and Carrots

You were never designed to function independently. Your gifts are necessary for the unity and effectiveness of the collective body.

"Did God actually say,"

How many of us have felt weighted down by the world lately? The rhetoricalness (if that's a word) of that question probably seems...

Thanks for Stopping

Thanks for stopping and I'm so humbled that you're even here at this point. This page is super new and I'm still in the process of...

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